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Break free from the harmful effects of electrical pollution
& reconnect to the natural frequency of the Earth.

Grounding Technology

FEEling is believing

True Frequency Products are designed to combat the destructive electrical frequencies in the world today. Using our unique Grounding Technology, each product is infused with the Earth’s resonance of 7.83 Hz to help you heal and restore your connection to natural energy.

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I have a German Shepherd who is aging and was struggling walking due to Hip Dysplasia. After purchasing your product for him, I watched in awe as he took to the trail with grace and ease, bounding up rocks he previously needed a boost to navigate. All my dogs wear TFP products now, as do I, and I continue to share with my friends for themselves and for their dogs too.

I highly recommend TFP products!!


Colorado Springs , Colorado

I have had three spinal surgeries since 2012 due to my degenerative back disease and injuries along the way. Along with numerous attempts at physical therapy, aqua therapy, injections, and spinal stimulation, everything leading up to this past weekend has failed. I have left foot pain which is usually a 7 out of 10 on a daily basis, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, foot drop, and weakness.

I was so amazed at what I had experienced when I tried your products that I decided to make a purchase and so did my wife. I work in a wound clinic inside a hospital and have already told several of my patients and staff what I found. These products have helped me to walk better with more confidence so I will not trip and fall and I am experiencing less pain. I am going to continue telling my patients about this new find as I see multiple people every week who have some of my same symptoms. Thank you so much!

Glenn Row

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I bought a few bracelets from you a few weeks ago at the motorcycle show in Rosemont, IL. Since then I’ve been loaning them to my friends so they can fell the difference, and Oh My Gosh! they are so excited about their results! They sleep better, have more energy, better mental clarity, clearer sinuses, less pain…I could go on and on. One friend even showed me her FitBit results, which showed that each night she was waking less often and sleeping more deeply. Each night was better than the night before…that’s scientific proof that these bands really do make a difference.


Rosemont, Illinois

I just want to say thank you because since I’ve been wearing my silicone bracelet from the Daytona home show my motion sickness has greatly improved! I’ve been suffering for years…since I’m a baby in fact and I was able to ride in the back seat of a car recently!! that’s HUGE! AND I was able to go on a boat ride without getting sick!


Daytona Home Show

What an amazing product. Both my husband and I have NOT taken our bracelets off since we bought them months ago. Definitely more focus and less stressed at work and feel great!

Sharon M

Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m still wearing my bracelet and I plan to NEVER take it off! The change is ASTOUNDING! Sunday my husband and I rode our Harley over 100 miles without having to stop every 30 or so for me to take a break. Afterwards, I went straight to cutting grass which took about an hour and then stood and talked to a friend for another 30-45 minutes.

Today I spent three and a half hours shopping. Before my TFP bracelet, grocery shopping took so much out of me I was exhausted and hurting from my lower back to my feet. Today I came home, cooked supper, and helped my husband detail my car before I even sat down!

I’m SO in love with my TFP bracelet. I’m sleeping a lot better too! It sounds dramatic to say this, but I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say TFP has given me my freedom back to do SO much more than I’ve been able to do in the last five years!

Jennifer T

Columbus, Ohio


True Frequency Products offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, a 90-day Manufacturer’s Warranty, a Lifetime Technology Guarantee, and a Product Replacement Warranty Program.

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