Dirty Electricity and Wifi- The Harmful Effects of EMF Exposure

Dirty Electricity: What is it?

Dirty electricity is a form of electromagnetic pollution or radiation. It is also called electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electrical “noise.” It refers to powerful, high frequency electrical energy traveling along the wiring in buildings where only standard 60-Hertz AC electricity should be.

What causes dirty electricity?

When the electricity in your home, office, school, or other buildings reaches appliances, computers or other electronic devices, many of these devices require a transformer to convert the voltage and/or current, which disrupts the flow of electricity. These power disruptions create irregular, high frequency surges of “dirty” electricity that travel along a building’s normal wiring, which should only contain 50 or 60 Hz electricity. These surges are also known as high frequency voltage transients.

Wifi (or Wi-Fi):

Wifi is a standard wireless networking technology that allows computers and other electronic devices to communicate with each other remotely.

Is Dirty Electricity, Wifi, and EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) harmful to our health?

Various research and studies over the past few decades have shown that these things are harmful to our health.

“In 1990, the city of La Quinta, CA, proudly opened the doors of its sparkling new middle school…

One teacher developed vague symptoms—weakness, dizziness—and didn’t return after the Christmas break. A couple of years later, another developed cancer and died; the teacher who took over his classroom was later diagnosed with throat cancer. More instructors continued to fall ill…

By 2005, 16 staffers among the 137 who’d worked at the new school had been diagnosed with 18 cancers, a ratio nearly 3 times the expected number. Nor were the children spared: About a dozen cancers have been detected so far among former students. A couple of them have died.

Sam Milham, PHD entered the school after hours one day to take (EMF) readings. Astonishingly, in some classrooms he found the surges of transient pollution exceeded his meter’s ability to gauge them.

in 2008 in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine: Cumulative exposure to transients in the school increased the likelihood a teacher would develop cancer by 64%. A single year of working in the building raised risk by 21%.”Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick? - Michael Segel

Have you ever known a young, very healthy person, that exercised regularly, ate extremely healthy food, and did not drink or smoke, that died of cancer? 

While there are many possibilities as to what caused the cancer, a very real possibility is that young life was taken by a silent killer: dirty electricity or EMF.

That person probably had one thing in common with almost all of us:  He or she was constantly exposed to dirty electricity, wifi signals, and other forms of electromagnetic pollution.

In our homes, we are surrounded by electrical appliances.  We sleep on mattresses full of metal coils, maybe on metal bed frames, up against a wall filled with AC electrical currents flowing all hours of the day and night.

And even worse, our children are exposed to it.

Most of us carry a cell phone or other portable device on our person at all times or within nine feet of us.

Although we at True Frequency Products cannot make claims about the health risks of electrical pollution, you may read some of the quotes below from articles written about dirty electricity/EMF exposure or order the books via the attached images or links and decide for yourself if those frequencies are harmful.

“…most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by electromagnetic field exposure.”Dirty Electricity - Samuel Milham, MD, MPH
“Laboratory studies showed that EMF exposure was linked to genotoxic effects, including DNA damage, as well as adverse effects on immune function, neurology, human behavior and melatonin production. There were also various population studies that found connections between EMF exposure and brain tumors, acoustic neuromas, salivary gland tumors, leukemia, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease and breast cancer.”GreenLiving - What is Dirty Electricity and is it Harmful
“Studies by physician-researcher Lennart Hardell of Sweden — regarded as some of the best efforts in the world on this challenging topic — concur with the Interphone and Moskowitz results — those who have used phones heavily for a decade have a doubled risk of brain tumors and teenagers who begin heavy cell phone use have between four to five times more brain tumors by their late twenties.”Dr. Sinatra, Heart MD Institute: Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

How You Can Protect Yourself From Dirty Electricity and EMF Exposure

Dr. Stephen Sinatra of the Heart MD Institute describes how the process of grounding yourself to the Earth can help mitigate the negative effects of EMF pollution on your body (see the video HERE).

True Frequency Products’ frequency technology is designed to do just that: Earth Frequency grounding.  When you wear our products, it is the same effect as doing what Dr. Sinatra recommends, such as walking on the cool grass or putting your bare feet in the wet sand at the beach.

Anywhere you go, whether sleeping, playing sports, or at work, you can be grounded, without having to always be in nature.  See the video below to learn more about how True Frequency Products work:

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