Rapid Healing With Earth Grounding

Rapid Healing With Earth Grounding

Pain Reduction or Elimination and Healing with 7.83 Hz Earth Frequency

Thousands of people all over the world have experienced complete or partial pain relief while wearing our Grounding Frequency Technology.¬† But let’s talk about a less known benefit to wearing the jewelry:

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First off, let us state that our grounding frequency technology jewelry products are not medical products. We make no claims that our products will help you in any of your medical conditions. With that said, the information in this article is based on personal experiences and testimonials from many people over the years, including our customers, their friends and family, our employees, and of course, us.

Whether you are a proponent of naturopathic medicine or traditional medicine, we can all agree on one fact: Our body heals itself, naturally. With any injury or damage to your body, from the slightest cut to a major surgical operation, your body goes to work to repair the damage. Your doctor may prescribe you pain medications, or other medications such as to help your blood clot. However, it is still your body doing the healing. The medications simply assist in the process. You are told not to have caffeine, smoke, or drink alcohol prior to and after surgery. Those things can slow down the healing process or cause other issues.

[one_half][testimonial author=”Rotator Cuff Surgery”]The doctor told me I would be in a sling for 3-5 weeks and have 12-15 weeks of rehab. I was in a sling for 3 days and missed 2 days of work.[/testimonial][/one_half] [one_half_last][testimonial author=”Sliced Lip (from grinding/cutting wheel)”]I had stitches on the inside and on the outside of my lip. When I had them removed, the doctor said, “I can’t believe how fast you healed!“[/testimonial][/one_half_last]

There are many other factors that can disrupt or slow down the healing process in your body, including stress, compromised immune system, and the food we eat. One of those factors that can slow down your body’s healing process is interference from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). EMF’s are a man-made pollution from the numerous electrical items we live with every day: your cell phone, cell towers, the electrical wiring in your house, power lines, radio waves, WiFi, and the list goes on.

When you have damaged DNA, the cells in your body communicate with each other via resonance (frequency) to start the repair process. Your brain sends signals to the affected area. If there is a communication breakdown of that resonance from an outside source, the repair speed will be greatly diminished. Electromagnetic frequencies are all around us. If they were visible, we would not be able to see each other. These unnatural frequencies disrupt the natural communication of our cells.

[one_half][testimonial author=”Cosmetic Surgery”]My stitches were scheduled for removal one week after surgery. The Surgical Medical Assistant had a hard time removing them due to the skin grown over the stitches, and said, “Wow, you healed really well!“[/testimonial][/one_half] [one_half_last][testimonial author=”Rotator Cuff Surgery”]About a week after surgery, I showed the physical therapist that I could raise my arm over my head with no pain. She looked shocked, and I said, “Am I not supposed to be able to do that?“[/testimonial][/one_half_last]

True Frequency Products were specifically designed to protect your body from EMF. They work by “sympathetic resonance.” Our products are imprinted with the frequency of the Earth, 7.83 Hz, the same frequency as our body and brain. When worn, our products filter out those harmful frequencies and keep us at our one natural frequency.

The result? Proper communication between the cells of your body, and a more rapid healing process. The quotes you see on the page are some real-world examples from testimonials and our own personal experiences. 

Your body is a very efficient machine when it can properly communicate with itself!

Find out for yourself what so many others have experienced…get your True Frequency Products with Earth Grounding Technology today. SHOP NOW

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