What is Resonance?

Have you ever heard someone talk about “Resonance” or the natural Frequency of something? Many people are not aware that everything around us resonates (vibrates)!

Nikola Tesla, who invented the means to transfer and distribute electricity over long distances said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Albert Einstein’s equation E=MC2 simply means that everything in life is related to energy. We are all beings of frequency that have a natural resonance.

The Earth’s natural frequency, or resonance, has been measured at 7.83 Hz. In 1952, a German Physicist named Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that waves (vibrations) of ultra low frequencies surround the Earth, and that these frequencies synchronize all biological processes of all objects on Earth. This is our natural frequency. Our bodies are supposed to be in tune with Earth, which is sometimes referred to as our “Bio-Field.”

Now let’s talk about EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency).  EMF’s are man-made frequencies. We have cell phone towers all around us. We are usually never more than nine feet from our cell phones at any time. The walls of our houses are filled with electrical currents.  Some of you sleep in metal bed frames, up against your EMF-filled wall. Our alarm clocks are blasting these harmful frequencies just inches from our heads. Some unfortunate folks live directly under or near high-tension power lines. And many of us work around computer equipment all day.

Do you ever wonder why there is such a higher rate of brain tumors, cancers, and overall pain in our bodies in the last 30 years? Do you wonder why the bee population is declining? Why a cow’s milk production is cut in half when they are near high-tension power lines? And have you ever wondered why you feel so much better when you are at the ocean or deep in the woods on a family camping trip? Are you waiting for science or the government to tell you the answers? You may be waiting a long time.

Microwave Radiation from Cell Phones Implicated in Cancer and Reproductive Issues

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People, animals, and plant life are not meant to be bombarded by these harmful frequencies on a continual basis. Cellular communication breaks down by interference from these unnatural frequencies. This breakdown in communication among the cells of your body results in slower recovery times for injuries, back pain, knee pain, and various other symptoms we feel on a daily basis. If you lived in a remote area away from harmful EMF’s, you probably would not be experiencing much, if any, of your current daily pain, fatigue, or lack of sleep.

See for yourself on our Testimonials page just what frequency technology has done for many people, just like you, that are suffering from chronic pain, no sleep, and various other issues.

And our technology is not just for people. Animals benefit from our products as well! They can live longer, healthier lives when they don’t have the interference of man-made EMF’s.

True Frequency Products LLC cannot guarantee that our frequency technology products will help you in any way. However, the majority of the testimonials we receive are due to pain relief, because people get excited about it and want to write us or tell us about it. But there are many more benefits to wearing a frequency product. Better sleep, more energy, better balance, more strength…and most importantly, protection from EMF radiation.

With a Lifetime Technology Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, what do you have to lose?  Maybe some pain.

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