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True Frequency Products is a fun, energetic company with a passion and focus on health and wellness. TFP Consultants offer quality frequency/grounding products that people use every day to negate the negative effects of  EMF. We offer various different ways you can start earning extra income today and to build your business within our business.

How about products that almost sell themselves

Actually, it’s not our products that sell themselves, it’s the technology in our products that has amazed and benefited thousands of people over the last decade. You can easily demonstrate how the technology in our products instantly creates better balance, strength, and flexibility (we teach you how to do that), and you’ll hear people say the words wow and weird over and over.

Why is that? Most people are just not aware of how our bodies are impacted in a negative way by EMF and the environment around us. Humans and animals were never met to be surrounded by six plus billon cell phones, cell towers, all the man-made technology that didn’t exist for millions of years until the last century. With the 5g network expanding across America, it’s only going to get worse…a lot worse.

So, one way to make money as a TFP consultant is to purchase our products at a great wholesale price and retail your products at small events or large events across America. Flea markets, home shows, gun shows, motorcycle rallies. There are literally hundreds of events to display and sell your frequency based products at. 

We also have hundreds of examples of consultants that don’t do events but sell our products standing in line at the grocery store, on the golf course, at the bank, on an airplane, just to name a few. If you do what we call, “The Demo,” you can make money anywhere you go. You’ll make a fair profit and your customers will love you and refer you to their friends and family.

We also offer consultants a FREE replicated website that allows you to earn a 50% commission on sales from your website. In the back office of your replicated website you can do marketing, track sales, bonuses and much more.   

We are living in the information age.  Opportunity is knocking!

In the 20th Century, we moved in to a new age called the “Industrial Age”. The first big corporate giants including Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, with their huge steel and car companies dominated the business world. It was whoever owned the factories that controlled the wealth.

From the year 2000 onwards, with the rise of the Internet, we moved in to a new age. “The Information Age”. Today, companies like Twitter and Facebook are changing the business world. Today, it is about building and owning networks. This has levelled the playing field. There has never been a better time in history to build and own your own business.

 Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing is a business model that has allowed thousands of people from around the world to start a business with very little startup money and with hard work build a profitable Network Marketing business.  Are you ready to take advantage of the next great network Marketing company? If yes, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join our team of consultants and allow us to help you build your business within our business. 

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