Stainless Steel 316 Black Chain Spinner Ring




True Frequency Products brings you TFP Grounding Rings.  These Rings are imprinted with our Original Grounding Frequency, We have been selling rings at our events for several years and now bring them to you,  our web customers.  Like all of our products these rings are Excellent Quality made of 316 Stainless Steel.

The Black Chain Spinner ring is a favorite for men and women and comes in 8mm width,  and full sizes from 9-15.   Comfort Fit  Try one today, you won’t be disappointed.

Ring Size Chart:

Ring Width             Ring Size

0.31″ (8mm)                 09

0.31″ (8mm)                 10

0.31″ (8mm)                 11

0.31″ (8mm)                 12

0.31″ (8mm)                 13

0.31″ (8mm)                 14

0.31″ (8mm)                 15