Performance and Pain Relief Patches 16 Pack


The Instructions as shown below will also be included with your order.

To apply Performance Patch:

  1. Cut sheet into 4 individual patches
  2. Remove clear plastic covering
  3. Apply Patch to clean dry skin
  4. Apply wet cloth or paper towel to back of paper patch for 60-90 seconds until saturated
  5. Gently remove paper backing

The True Frequency Performance Patch will last a few days to a week until it washes off the skin.
The Patches are a Sample of our Technology.
The Patches are temporary; the Jewelry with the same technology has a lifetime warranty on the imprinted technology and works the same way to reduce pain.


These Performance & Relief Patches are imprinted with our Original Frequency (7.83Hz Schumann Resonance).  Perfect for placing directly over areas needing relief or for times when you cannot wear our jewelry (such as at work, etc).  You can also use these to let your friends and family try our frequency products for a few days!

There are 4 sheets of 4 patches for a total of 16 patches. Each patch will last a few days to a week.