Tungsten Silver Curve ~~ 8mm


Our gorgeous eye catching Tungsten Silver Curve Bracelet, imprinted with our Original Frequency (7.83Hz Schumann Resonance), has a highly polished finish, with smooth rounded lines and edges.  This stylish bracelet is scratch resistant and is one of our most popular Tungsten bracelets. Has a comfortable weight and will will look good on any wrist for years. Available in several lengths and is 10 mm wide.



Tungsten Benefits
Tungsten products are quite strong and they cannot bend easily like products produced from other materials. Other than this, tungsten bracelets and rings boast of a high tolerance to tarnish. They also cannot be easily scratched. That is why tungsten jewelry is great for professions that demand the use of hands for handling tools that may cause harm to jewelry.

No allergic reactions
Another vital benefit linked to wearing tungsten bracelet and rings is that they are hypoallergenic in nature and are great for individuals with highly sensitive skins. Such people usually experience allergies following putting on jewelry made from other metals.