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“I’m not sure which one of you I dealt with at the Las Vegas Bike week. Anyway my bracelet I purchased there works really great…not only does it help my wrist, it has taken away my lower back pain from which I have suffered from for years. To that I say thank you very much!”Steve, Colorado
“My wife has experienced very positive benefits relative to her fibromyalgia and other conditions since I purchased a bracelet for her at the motorcycle show in Sacramento. Thanks so much!”Dennis, Sacramento
“My mother purchased a bracelet from you at Ohio Bike Week last summer in Sandusky. Upon returning home she gave it to me and I have been wearing it for the past few months. I can’t believe the difference it has made in reducing my back and neck pain. I just purchased another one for my grandmother. Thanks for your great Customer Service!”Heidi, Ohio
“What an amazing product. Both my husband and I have NOT taken our bracelets off since we bought them months ago. Definitely more focus and less stressed at work and feel great!”Sharon M, Las Vegas
“I just want to say thank you because since I’ve been wearing my silicone bracelet from the Daytona home show my motion sickness has greatly improved! I’ve been suffering for years…since I’m a baby in fact and I was able to ride in the back seat of a car recently!! that’s HUGE! AND I was able to go on a boat ride without getting sick!”Dawn, Daytona Home Show
“I received my tattoos and put one on right away! After one day most all my pain was gone from my shoulders, feet, and back. After a couple more days, ALL pain was gone from every place!!

After a week I applied a new tattoo and continued to be pain free!! After the 2nd week of no pain, I forgot to apply my next tattoo and after about 4 days I started having a little bit of shoulder pain.

Now i have been off the tattoos for a couple weeks I am back to where I started before I put them on and I am wishing I never forgot to put one back on. When I realized I forgot, I decided to test it out and well…..


“My daughter has had RSD in her foot since falling last June. We went through 4 months of spinal blocks and PT twice a week.

As of Saturday when we went to 22nd St Gem & Mineral Show, she was still falling several times a day, using a cane and on gabapentin to soothe the nerves. We bought a lovely dainty ring from you on Saturday because I am familiar with kinesiology etc from managing a naturopathic clinic for several years.

It is now Wednesday. She has completely quit falling. Not once since she put on the ring! She is still on meds but takes less. She no longer needs the cane and her gait is totally normal.

I definitely wanted to thank you for rescuing a young woman from a miserable life.”Maryann, Tucson

“I was extremely skeptical about TFP products at first. The muscle testing was cool, but I am a strong and athletic person without pain so I felt like it did not apply to me.

However, one of my friends purchased a bracelet and within a few minutes said: “I know this is weird, but I can tell a difference….” Another friend, who was just as skeptical as I, gave in and said, “Okay, let me try”. To which she was able to open her hand fully. We very quickly went back to the booth, and 2nd friend bought a bracelet.

Still very skeptical, I asked about dogs. I have three and one is a large and beautiful German Shepherd who is aging and was struggling walking due to Hip Dysplasia. They told me it would work for dogs too, and I said: “If it really does, and it helps my Niko, I will be your biggest customer!”

Literally within a few days, I could see improvement in his gate and energy level. We went from slow walks around the neighborhood, to the park – and as I watched him getting better and better – we went back to hiking. I watched in awe as he took to the trail with grace and ease, bounding up rocks he previously needed a boost to navigate. All my dogs wear TFP products now, as do I, and I continue to share with my friends for themselves and for their dogs too.

I highly recommend TFP products!!”Carla, Colorado Springs

My dad and I found your booth at Barrett Jackson. I have plantar fasciitis coupled with the fact that I was on my feet for 12-14 hours a day at the auction, my feet hurt. I bought one of your necklaces but I have to admit I was doubtful. I can’t explain it but my feet don’t hurt anymore! The first couple days I kept waiting and expecting the pain to come back but it hasn’t. My mind is blown. Your necklace is without a doubt working for me and I thank you so much. Now my dad regrets not buying one so I’m going to order one off your website for him. Thank you again guys. A truly great product.Jason Dykema
I bought a few bracelets from you a few weeks ago at the motorcycle show in Rosemont, IL. Since then I’ve been loaning them to my friends so they can fell the difference, and Oh My Gosh! they are so excited about their results! They sleep better, have more energy, better mental clarity, clearer sinuses, less pain… I could go on and on. One friend even showed me her FitBit results, which showed that each night she was waking less often and sleeping more deeply. Each night was better than the night before… that’s scientific proof that these bands really do make a difference.Jeanne
Great Product!

Purchased the Silicone Sine Wave Blue wrist band after trying a sample TFP during Daytona Bike Week. I was immediately getting a better nights rest, and felt better during the day. Would recommend this product to anyone. True Frequency Product Reviews

Sleep band works GREAT!!!

Does what it says. Especially for my wife. It helps her alot! Thanks again!! True Frequency Product Reviews

Best thing ever!

I was always a skeptic then when we saw the table at Barrett Jackson, it was shown to us how it works and my son was in total disbelief. My youngest got one of these bracelets and I came back and got 2 rings done. I have never felt better in so long until wearing these daily. I had an accident on my horse 2 years ago and have been slowly getting back into trotting – until I got these done it was a slow process. Now, I am actually running barrels and beating my all times because I am not feeling like I will lose my balance on the saddle. I used to lose my balance when waking up in the morning and even sometimes in the shower – not anymore. It is awesome. I highly recommend.True Frequency Product Reviews

While in Las Vegas, during the NFR 2015 (Wrangler National Finals Rodeo), I was walking around the exhibition halls with my wife, my ankle was hurting and I wanted to go to the hotel. When we walked by grounded783 (True Frequency Products), my wife joked to get a bracelet and I stopped and talked with Michael, he told me to hold the bracelet and walk around , up and down the aisle for a minute and see if I noticed any difference. Well I did, a great difference, I have artificial knees as well as a bum ankle and it made a remarkable difference. That day I bought two rings, one for me and one for my wife and a bracelet for me. I unfortunately lost that bracelet about a month later, somewhere in the roping pen…, when I went to the American grounded 783 was there, I saw Michael again and bought another bracelet and a necklace for my wife, she has had great results as well. We also have a friend that had a horse fall on her and had severe injuries, she now wears a necklace and ring that help her with her neck and whiplash injuries. I wear mine every day and plan to keep wearing them!! I even had a problem with the bracelet and True Frequency Products fixed it promptly and got it back to me. Mike R, Geismar, LA
“I’m still wearing my bracelet and I plan to NEVER take it off! The change is ASTOUNDING! Sunday my husband and I rode our Harley over 100 miles without having to stop every 30 or so for me to take a break. Afterwards, I went straight to cutting grass which took about an hour and then stood and talked to a friend for another 30-45 minutes.

Today I spent three and a half hours shopping. Before my TFP bracelet, grocery shopping took so much out of me I was exhausted and hurting from my lower back to my feet. Today I came home, cooked supper, and helped my husband detail my car before I even sat down!

I’m SO in love with my TFP bracelet. I’m sleeping a lot better too!

It sounds dramatic to say this, but I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say TFP has given me my freedom back to do SO much more than I’ve been able to do in the last five years!”Jennifer T, Ohio

“I recently purchased one of your tungsten steel bracelets at the NYC Auto Show 2016. I want you to know that the results are AMAZING. I have full ROM (range of motion) in my neck for the first time since my accident in June 2015.

The relief was instantaneous. Thank you so very much!”Michael, New York

“My frequency bracelet has changed the way I live day-to-day life!!!! Haven’t felt this good for years!!! Hope all my friends and family give it a try.”James H.
“I have not taken my band off since April 11, 2010. I am more focused and my balance is great. I know that other parts of my body have benefited too.”Kerry C.
“I had an accident 2 years ago and it gave me vertigo and while wearing the ring I didn’t have it and now that I don’t I’m what you call a “dizzy old bat” so I guess I need that ring on all the time…

I gave one to my grandson who wasn’t able to sleep, and guess what, he now sleeps through the night…

gave one to my husband and he says it helps him with his vertigo (you see we’re both old 77 and 78) the blue opal I gave to my daughter who has a bad shoulder due to her hair dressing and it helps her with the ease of being able to use it without a whole lot of pain…

so thank you so much for your rings…”Rose S, Utah

“I just wanted to thank You for sending out the silicone bracelets so promptly. I have been without mine for almost 2 weeks and after putting it on when it arrived, shortly thereafter, the overall pain in my entire body from my chronic pain and my rheumatoid arthritis started to immediately calm down.

After a couple days, I was actually able to get out of bed and feel so much better, to the point of finally thinking I might accomplish something other than sitting in a corner curled up and suffering! I am waking up feeling pretty darn good and looking forward to getting better in the next few days.

My first one gave me so much pain relief, I felt like a super hero and survived some very challenging months during the holidays with family in the hospital and being the care giver afterwards, that not once did I feel like I had done too much.

Thank you for sharing these with my step-brother, he gave me his originally on Thanksgiving day and hours later I began to feel the relief.

I am sharing with friends and family now!”Kim Pianavilla

Hello to whomever gets this message. I was at the Progressive International Motorcycle show in Minneapolis this past weekend with my wife and came across your booth. My wife was talking with Mitch and called me over. I always believed that these types of items were just a gimmick and will not make a difference in my life except for the fact that I will have a few less dollars if I decide to make a purchase. Mitch had me doing all sorts of trials which of course I kept failing at until he placed two pieces of chain in my hands which seemed to make the trials easier. He had me walk without holding the chains and then he had me walk the same path with the chains. I just stood there amazed at the results that were happening right before my eyes.
I have had three spinal surgeries since 2012 due to my degenerative back disease and injuries along the way. Along with numerous attempts at physical therapy, aqua therapy, injections, and spinal stimulation (tens unit), everything leading up to this past weekend has failed. I have left foot pain which is usually a 7 out of 10 on a daily basis, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, foot drop, and weakness.
I was so amazed at what I had experienced when I tried your items that I decided to make a purchase and so did my wife. I work in a wound clinic inside a hospital and have already told several of my patients and staff what I found. These products have already helped me to walk better with more confidence so I will not trip and fall and I am experiencing less pain. I am going to continue telling my patients about this new find as I see multiple people every week who have some of my same symptoms. Thank you so much as this has helped me greatly in the very short time that I have had them. Glenn Row
I always heard of these and wasn’t sure about them until I went to the car show in town. We all became believers quickly. I never take mine off and I recommend it to.everyone. My balance is great now and I can ride my horse again without losing balance. Will keep ordering and passing out to others.True Frequency Product Reviews
I am AMAZED at the difference my TFP bracelet has made. My plantar fasciitis is not bothering me at all. My daughter has fibromyalgia and has never had the relief she has now. She has been on a lot of meds that haven’t worked. My husband has worked hard his whole life and his knee/foot/back pain is significantly reduced.
B. Tingey