True Frequency Products are designed to combat the destructive electrical frequencies in the world today. Using our unique Grounding Technology, each product is infused with the Earth’s resonance of 7.83 Hz to help you heal and restore your connection to natural energy.





I purchased one of your tungsten steel bracelets at the NYC Auto Show 2016. I want you to know that the results are AMAZING. I have full ROM (range of motion) in my neck for the first time since my accident in June 2015. The relief was instantaneous. Thank you so very much!”

New York

My mother purchased a bracelet from you at an event last summer in Sandusky, Oho. Upon returning home she gave it to me and I have been wearing it for the past few months. I can’t believe the difference it has made in reducing my back and neck pain. I just purchased another one for my grandmother. Thanks for your great Customer Service!


I am a RN. I bought my insoles while in Las Vegas at the NFR. I bought them because of health changes I’ve witnessed in one of my foot clinic patients who has started grounding and is having amazing results. I have bunions, like red, constantly irritated bunions! After two weeks of wearing them while I was working, I happened to notice that my bunions are half the size they had been for the last ten years. My big toe is straight, no redness! Seriously, as a nurse I have always been extremely skeptical but the improvements to my overall health are very noticeable. I plan to get a pair for all my shoes!!


I met you at the LoneStar Rally in Galveston, I was skeptical that this would help but after taking a short walk with one of your Tungsten Bracelets I could feel a difference in my knees, I already had a Tungsten wedding Ring and you told me I could have your technology put into my own ring. Awesome I have also found great relief from the arthritis in my hands when riding and my knees feel great. Thanks so much. I plan to tell everyone about your products.

Ricky C

I Love my True Frequency Bracelet. I wear it 24/7 It keeps me from toppling over and falling. I have ben wearing if for over 10 years. Many of my friends have been lucky recipients of Frequency Bracelet gifts from me over the years a they also love them. I highly recommend True Frequency Products

Arlene A - 93 years old

Recently have been noticing a weird feeling when I am in my apartment, kind of a feeling of anxiety, angst, just overall kind of crappy feeling. I was speaking with my neighbor about this, and she informed me that they had recently installed smart meters in our apartment complex. Well it just happens that the back wall of my apartment is where all the meters for my are located. Ugh!! I was at the Home show in Phoenix and met the folks from True Frequency Products. They told me about their EMF Safe Haven and explained how it might be of benefit to me. I thought what do I have I got to lose, it has a money back guarantee so I purchased one. Well it’s been about three weeks now and I have my life back. I no longer feel that weird anxiety angst feeling in my apartment and I am so thankful that I met the folks from True Frequency Products and purchased the EMF Safe Haven. It is Amazing



True Frequency Products offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, a 90-day Manufacturer’s Warranty, a Lifetime Technology Guarantee, and a Product Replacement Warranty Program*.  See Warranty Page for full details.