True Frequency Products are designed to combat the destructive electrical frequencies in the world today. Using our unique Grounding Technology, each product is infused with the Earth’s resonance of 7.83 Hz to help you heal and restore your connection to natural energy.





Great products, always a pleasure doing business with these guys. I have referred lots of people and i will continue to do so.

Dave T. - Texas

I Love my True Frequency Bracelet. I wear it 24/7 It keeps me from toppling over and falling. I have ben wearing if for over 10 years. Many of my friends have been lucky recipients of Frequency Bracelet gifts from me over the years a they also love them. I highly recommend True Frequency Products

Arlene A - 93 years old

I met you at the LoneStar Rally in Galveston, I was skeptical that this would help but after taking a short walk with one of your Tungsten Bracelets I could feel a difference in my knees, I already had a Tungsten wedding Ring and you told me I could have your technology put into my own ring. Awesome I have also found great relief from the arthritis in my hands when riding and my knees feel great. Thanks so much. I plan to tell everyone about your products.

Ricky C

I have been purchasing from Terry for many years, He is constantly sending me videos and information I am interested in and answering all my many questions. It would be impossible for this to have been a better experience. The benefits of these products is unbelievable. I have shared them with my Pastor and many of my friends. I am a retired Commercial Pilot and this product has helped me a great deal with my pain issues.


The bracelet I purchased at Las Vegas Bike Week works really great…not only does it help my wrist, it has taken away my lower back pain from which I have suffered from for years. To that I say thank you very much!


My frequency bracelet has changed the way I live day-to-day life!!!! Haven’t felt this good for years!!! Hope all my friends and family give it a try.

James H


True Frequency Products offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, a 90-day Manufacturer’s Warranty, a Lifetime Technology Guarantee, and a Product Replacement Warranty Program*.  See Warranty Page for full details.