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Silicone Sine Bands

by in Frequency Technology November 27, 2022

Grounding Blue Sine Band Our Sine Wave Logo Band with Blue lettering is made of pure silicone. Imprinted at our original Frequency (7.83Hz Schumann Resonance) Earths Frequency. It is great improving Balance, Strength, and Energy as well as for relieving pain and discomfort and all-around better health and well-being.  Available in five sizes:  Extra small 6.25″, great for children […]

Frequency Technology – How it Works

by in Frequency Technology November 27, 2022

The True Frequency Products have been imprinted with advanced technology that may help take your daily activity, work, or sports to the next level. The technology embedded into all our products is designed to help balance your body’s natural energy field, which may help increase strength, endurance and balance. Whether at work, at home, or […]