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The Air Arch Insole or Heal is like having an Airbag in your shoe.  It helps to relieve shock to the heal, provides arch support, and improves body alignment.  A unique orthotic foot support system that goes beyond for comfort.  Our Air Arch Insole has also been imprinted with Grounding Technology at 7.83hz

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The arch of the human foot plays a vital role in our everyday lives. The arches are responsible for maintaining balance by evenly distributing your body weight over your feet. Over time, the arch of the foot may slowly decline resulting in “flattening of the feet” which interferes with proper weight distribution.
Flat feet can cause various physical symptoms such as foot pain, lower leg pain and misalignment of the spine. Air Arch was specifically designed to provide support to the arch and prevent the flattening of the feet.

The patented “Air Arch Insole” is designed to provide support to the arch and prevent the flattening of the feet.  The built in Air Bag Arch provides constant arch support.  The patented design of this product relieves stress on the heel by providing a memory foam cushion and air that absorbs shock. As the heel presses against the cushion, the air bag expands the air toward the ball of the foot. This design allows the air bag to protect the heel from strong impact, provide arch support, and cushion to the balls of your feet.

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Weight 6 oz
Air Arch Insoles & Heal's

Heal Sport, Heal Work, Large 8-10, Small 7-9, Sport Large, Sport Small


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